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The Top 10 Car Movies of all time

MyCarHeaven lists its Top 10 Car Movies of all time. Featuring Grand Prix, Bullitt, Vanishing point, The Gumball Rally, Gone in Sixty Seconds and many more…

The Graduate [DVD] [1967]

MyCarHeaven recommends The Graduate DVD. Few films have defined a generation as much as The Graduate did. The alienation, the nonconformity, the intergenerational romance, the blissful Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack–they all served to lob a cultural grenade smack into the middle of 1967 America.

Gone In 60 Seconds DVD – Director’s Cut [2000]

MyCarHeaven recommends Gone In 60 Seconds DVD – Director’s Cut [2000], as a great DVD gift. If you love cars, you’ll love this film.

The Making Of Grand Prix [1966] [DVD]

MyCarHeaven recommends this cool DVD: The Making Of Grand Prix. A film about professional race car drivers and their two part quest for winning and women, was filmed during the actual Grand Prix in Monaco.

Back To The Future [DVD] [1985]

MyCarHeaven recommends Back To The Future DVD as a great movie for any car fan, it features the tragic 1981 DeLorean DMC 12.

Dazed And Confused [DVD] [1994]

MyCarHeaven recommends Dazed And Confused as a great DVD to buy as a gift. Director Richard Linklater turned his free-range verite sensibility on the 1970s in Dazed and Confused after changing the world with the generation-defining Slacker.

Bullitt DVD (2 Disc Special Edition) [1968]

MyCarHeaven recommends Bullitt (1968) as a much buy DVD for any car fan. The car chase between the 1968 Mustang GT 390 and 1968 Charger is a classic.

Gran Torino 11×17 Movie Poster

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Herbie Collection [DVD] [1969]

MyCarHeaven recommends this DVD Herbie Collection. Includes the classic family films about the lovable Volkswagen bug Herbie: HERBIE RIDES AGAIN, THE LOVE BUG, HERBIE GOES BANANAS, HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO, plus the 2005 hit HERBIE FULLY LOADED starring Lindsay Lohan.

Gran Torino [DVD] [2008]

MyCarHeaven recommends Gran Torino to buy, it is a great movie and a great car, 1972 Ford Gran Torino.

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