Here is the inside track to the Abu Dhabi F1 GP (video)

Get the inside track to the 2013 Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix as Scuderia Ferrari and Shell prepare for the race.

For the next race in the Championship is Abu Dhabi. Here the Shell Motorsport team and Scuderia Ferrari explain how the fluctuating temperatures during the race can affect the car’s performance.

Mike Wakem (Engine Oil Development at Shell) highlights how Shell tests fuels under a range of temperatures to ensure the Ferrari team get the best possible performance from their car.

Featuring interviews with: Scuderia Ferrari Driver Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari Test Driver Marc Gené, Mike Evans from Formula One Fuel Development at Shell, Mark Wakem from Engine Oil Development at Shell and Scuderia Ferrari Head of Engine Development David Salters.

Interesting stuff!


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