Morgan Aero Coupe: Beautiful, iconic, desirable and cool (video)

XCar took a Morgan Aero Coupe on a night drive around london to find out what makes it such a wonderful thing to experience. Noise, looks and rarity are all well and good, but do they combine to make something awesome?

Some of the key phrase’s Alex Goy of XCar uses to discribe this car include:

“I think that the Aero Coupe is one of the most beautiful cars ever made”

“I’d like to think that the Aero Coupe is the future as designed by Sci-fi writers in the 1940s”

“The Morgan Aero Coupe is a piece of automotive theatre”.

“It’s a piece of design that the world would be much poorer without”.

Morgan Aero Coupe
Engine: 4.8-litre V8 (sourced from BMW)
Power: 367bhp
Torque: 370lb ft
0-60mph: 4.5seconds
Top speed: 170mph

Hope you enjoy the video.

I really like it the Morgan Aero Coupe, rare, unique looking and British. So, so cool! What do you think about this car?

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