My top 10 cars at Race Retro 2013

If you did not make this year’s Race Retro, or even if you did, here are my top ten cars that I came across.  If you went’ what were your highlights?

1.  1960 Lancia Appia GTE Zagato

WOW.  What a beautiful car!  I’d never seen a Lancia Appia GTE Zagato before.  How cool is this? Loved the door opening mechanism (sad I know), but it was a chrome button which once pressed flicked out a chrome bar to 30 degrees which you then pulled to open the door… very, very cool (modern cars take note).  This car was sold by Silverstone Auctions on the day for £62,500 (estimate price was £50-60k), an absolute bargain in our opinion.


2. Jaguar E-Type

In Gunmetal grey with red leather, yes, yes, yes please.  However, the dealer wanted £175,000, no, no, no, thank you.  Nice work, not a nice price!


3. 1950 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster

Just look at it!  I did for many, many minutes.  Some people rightly say that this is the most beautiful car ever made and you can see why when you’re in its presence.  No doubt it is a beautiful looking car, it’s a Jag and British.  This car was also in the Silverstone Auctions (estimate price or £45-52k) and sold for £51,300.


4. Fiat 595 Abarth

Wow.  How cool is this?  Immaculate.  I loved the paintwork and it was in mint condition.  Not for sale, but on the Abarth stand. STUNNING!


4. 1967 Alvis Burns Special

What a very special car? Again up for sale by Silverstone Auctions with an estimate price of £60-70k, but amazingly it did not sell.  Just look at it? Amazing!  More about this car here.


6. 1953 Connaught AL10 Historic Grand Prix Race Car

I love the 1960’s grand prix cars, so this won my heart. Super cool.  Sold by Silverstone Auctions for £195,000, and perhaps the most beautiful, evocative British Grand Prix car of all time!  Described by one previous owner as better to drive than a Maserati 250F!


7. 1965 Austin Mini ‘Super de-luxe’

This Mini was well smart. This 1966 Austin Mini Mk I ‘Super Deluxe’ was built on 25th October 1965. According to the Heritage Certificate, factory options included fresh air heater and a rare automatic gearbox. Finished in Old English White with Tartan Red interior, just set it off lovely.


8. Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto

If there was a Ferrari at an event then I had to mention it.  I love the Ferrari 308 GTB.


9.  Porsche 911

Very cool.  Although I’m not an avid Porsche 911 fan, I love the colours on this one, and it is the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911 in 2013, so it got my vote.


10. Audi Sport Quattro

It’s a legend, PERIOD.


So there you have it.  10 of my favourite cars from the weekend.  What were yours?

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