Lamborghini Veneno video by XCAR Films

Here is a different type of video from XCARFilms. They look at the Lamborghini Veneno, which was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

While we were all eagerly waiting to see the Ferrari versus McLaren first round heavyweight battle, Lamborghini threw its ultra-rare Veneno into the mix. This year marks the 50th Birthday of Lamborghini and it seems they’ve treated themselves with this; an Aventador based, 6.5-litre V12, 740bhp, 221mph road going race car. In true Sant’Agata style, its styling is mind blowing. The whole front end plays the part of an aerodynamic wing, while the rear huge diffuser and adjustable rear wing complete the visual madness at the rear.

Just three Lamborghini Veneno’s will be built and all of them have been snapped up for around £3million each. Lamborghini know exactly how to crash a hypercar party.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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