The Ferrari 250 TdF (video)

The Ferrari 250 GT TdF #0763 GT is the 7th of a total of 18 “3 louvre” cars built. So this is a very rare car.  It was delivered new to Ecurie Francorchamps for their team driver Leon Dernier in 1957. #0763 GT was converted to open headlights in 1959 and has Superb early race history including the ADAC 1000 kms ( Nürburgring) in 1959 where it placed 2nd in class. # 0763 GT has had just one custodian since 1974 and a sa result has wonderful, preserved patina & originality.

A total mechanical restoration has been undertaken by DK Engineering during 2012 whilst retaining its unique charm and character. 

Here is a wonderful video by DK Engineering which I hope you enjoy.

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