Pictures from the 2012 Motorsport at the Palace.

I’d never been to Motorsport at the Palace before.  I’d heard about it from the year before, and was intrigued when I heard about it late on this year, so thought I would attend.

I made a bold decision and decided to take my wife and daughter along.  I say bold because they have never attended a car or motorsport event, nor could not have been less interested in the past.

Well, we all had a great time, which was helped by the fact there was lots for kids to do, which is more than can be said for some of the other events I attend. Also that fact the weather was great, and that me and my son were not hardcore and did not want to be there at the start of the day and wait until the end of the day to leave.

Here are a few choice pictures for the day.  My full write-up on the event will follow shortly and can be read here.

If you attended, what did you think?  Love to hear your thoughts, as always.

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