Ferrari F50 (video, part 2)

The Ferrari F50 is a very special car. It is a mid-engined range-topping sports car made by Ferrari. The F50 was introduced in 1995 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. The car is a two door, two seat convertible with a removable hardtop. It has a 4.7 L naturally aspirated 60-valve V12 engine that was developed from the 3.5 L V12 used in the 1992 Ferrari F92A Formula One car.

Only 349 cars were made, so it’s a rare car. The last F50 was produced in Maranello, Italy in July 1997.

Here is a short video introduction to the Ferrari F50 by one of Europe’s leading Ferrari F-Car specialist, DK Engineering. Hope you enjoy…

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