So who’s owned a Ferrari F40?

Anyone that’s anyone has owned an Ferrari F40, here’s just a few that I know of:

Nigel Mansell (F1 World Champion)

Alain Prost (F1 World Champion)

Jean Todt (Ex CEO of Ferrari)

Jay Kay (Lead singer of Jamiroquai)

Chris Evans (that ginger lad that likes Ferrari’s)

Patrick Tambay (Racing driver)

Rob Stewart (Musician)

Nick Mason (Musician, Pink Floyd)

Sir Anthony Bamford (Owner of JCB)

Luciano Pavarotti (Opera singer)

Gianni Agnelli (Ex-owner of Ferrari)

Jacques Laffitte (Racing driver)

Rene Arnoux (Racing driver)

George Foreman (Former heavyweight boxing champion)

So have I missed anyone out from this list, let me know…

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3 Responses to “So who’s owned a Ferrari F40?”

  1. Chris says:

    I was at a Ferrari dealership in Tucker Ga. In the early 90’s and there was an F40 sitting there that had just been detailed. I talked with the ship owner and he let me sit in it. I was then informed that the car was being delivered to Jimmy Dean, the sausage guy. My response was, “the sausage guy?”, and he confirmed he was the one. Who would have thought.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Diego Maradona, Argentinian football legend, owned a F-40 back in 1986. It was black, the first one ever made (specially for him). It was paid by Ferlaino, then president of Napoli F.C. (where Diego played) at the time

  3. Will Wynn says:

    Cool fact Sebastian. Not sure I want one now though! :D

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