Future Lamborghini’s: The top 10 Lamborghini concept cars

I found this cool video, which gives a glimpse into what Lamborghini may produce in the future. Cars featured include:

  • Lamborghini Embola (looks very, very nice);
  • Lamborghini Ankonain (not sure about this one, looks like something Darth Vader would drive);
  • Lamborghini Cachao (very nice);
  • Lamborghini Furia (looks very similar to the Gallardo and Murciélago, so gets my thumbs up);
  • Lamborghini Insecta (very nice);
  • Lamborghini Madura (not sure on this one, it looks like a very fast banana);
  • Lamborghini Ratan (like this a lot);
  • Lamborghini Revention Roadster (yes please, awesome);
  • Lamborghini Timador (awesome car); and
  • Lamborghini X (very cool).

My favourite is the Lamborghini Revention Roadster, Epic car.  What’s yours?

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