Absolutely beautiful: the Maserati 4CS 1500

I came across this beautiful car at the November Classic Car Show, it was certainly for me one of the stars of the weekend.  So a little more about the car and its history.

The Maserati 1.5-litre Tipo 4CS 1500 was a natural progression of the 1100 with a stretched wheelbase. From 1935 it featured a reshaped body, raised side exhaust and hydraulic brakes. With a lower kerb weight than the 1100, fuel consumption was down to 20 litres per 100 km.

Omobono Tenni, famous for racing Moto Guzzi motorbikes, won his class in the 1936 Mille Miglia. Six cars were made, so it’s a very rare car, with bodies coach-built by Menarini or Campari & Sorniotto. Two cars went to gentleman driver and motor sports journalist Giovanni Lurani, Count of Cernuscho. One car was exported to Mr Ulrich Maag of Hesselberg in Germany.

The car shown here was photographed at the 2011 Classic Motor Show.  It was completed by the Maserati factory on the 15th March 1935 for Ettore Bianco.

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