Love Ferrari, then you’ll love this video.

I came across this wonderful video courtesy of Ferrari World called “duel for the crown”.  Not sure why they called it this, but sure they had a reason.

Here we see the much raved Ferrari 599 GTB, pitted against the Ferrari F40,  The 599 was designed with several specific objectives in mind: to increase driving pleasure, to guarantee performance (courtesy of technology transfers from the F1 single-seaters), and to ensure comfort, ergonomics and safety.  The F40, will an out and out lightweight supercar.

Personally I would rather have the F40 all day long, what an iconic car of that there is no doubt.  For me the 599 is too much technology, dare I say an old man’s Ferrari.  Lastly, being sceptical maybe it’s another push by Ferrari to sell as many 599’s before its replacement model arrives.

Either way, nice video.  I certainly enjoyed it, I hope you do.

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