Who really is the best Formula 1 driver in 2011?

As we have seen in yesterday’s Belgium Grand Prix qualifying, Bruno Senna (who previously has been a back of the pack qualifier) now driving for Renault finished in 7th, 3 places ahead of his team-mate Vitaly Petrov and 1 place ahead of Fernando Alonso.  Amazing what can happen when you are in a good car!

Although I do love watching and following Formula 1, the person and team that wins is predominantly the one with the best car.

Put all the drivers into the same car on the same tracks then who would be the best driver?  I am sure there are many opinions out there, and no doubt they will all be different.  Here are who I believe are the top ten current Formula 1 drivers in 2011 in order:

  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Sebastian Vettel
  3. Fernando Alonso
  4. Michael Schumacher
  5. Jensen Button
  6. Kamui Kobayashi
  7. Nico Rosberg
  8. Sergio Perez
  9. Mark Webber
  10. Paul Di Resta

So what do you think?  Have I got it right, or am I way off.  Love to hear your top 10.

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3 Responses to “Who really is the best Formula 1 driver in 2011?”

  1. John says:


    I would not be far off your views, however I would have Alonso top and Kobayashi no where near 6th. My thoughts are:

    1. Fernando Alonso
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Sebastian Vettel
    4. Michael Schumacher
    5. Jensen Button
    6. Mark Webber
    7. Nico Rosberg
    8. Paul Di Resta
    9. Sergio Perez
    10.Kamui Kobayashi

    Can anyone beat Vettel this year, I think probably not.

    PS. Love the site.

  2. Will Wynn says:

    Ok, I see your point. Valid, Alonso is a great driver. We are truly blessed to have so many good drivers all driving at once. This could be a new golden age.

  3. Nikki turner says:

    Would love to go to autosport and see what cars are on show but mostly to take the hubby and as he’s never been before!also liking on facebook :)

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