Hear what it’s like to own a Ferrari 250 GTO from an owner.

I came across this wonderful video, which is a preview of former GTO owner Stephen Mitchell’s documentary on this famous Ferrari.  It offers his insight into driving and owning a Ferrari 250 GTO.  105,976 views on you tube at the time of writing.  I have no doubt this figure will continue to grow.  Wonderful video.

Is this the most beautiful, iconic, desirable and cool car of all time?

I certainly think it has to be right up there.  For me it may just be the most desirable car of all time, but not the most beautiful, iconic, or coolest car.  What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Hear what it’s like to own a Ferrari 250 GTO from an owner.”

  1. John says:


    What an awesome video. Great to hear directly from an owner of this epic car. Wouldn’t we all love to own, or at the very least have a chance to drive the beautiful Ferrari 250 GTO.


  2. Will Wynn says:

    Glad you liked it. Only 36 people get the privilege of owning one. Maybe one day hey!

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