Free Seven year servicing with new Ferrari’s.

Ferrari has announced an astonishing no-cost servicing deal that covers all the scheduled maintenance for the Ferrari California, 458 Italia and FF models delivered from 15 March 2011.

This is something it says is unique in the luxury car segment. The Ferrari Genuine Maintenance programme covers all new Ferrari California, 458 Italia and FF models and is being offered as standard and at no extra cost. Better still, it ‘sticks’ to a single car, so is transferable between owners. The deal covers all standard maintenance items, as outlined in the service schedule. It’s been designed to anticipate one service each year during the seven years, but, as there is no mileage restriction, owners who reach the service intervals by mileage (every 12,500 miles) will be able to have their car serviced more than once per year.

Good on you Ferrari.  What are your thoughts on this new development for Ferrari?

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