Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale: prices are on the up

I am reliably informed by my contacts at the UK’s Ferrari dealerships that after some price madness during the 2008-2010 recession, the prices of the awesome 360 Challenge Stradale are going up to pre-recession levels.

Challenge Stradale prices held firm at around £110K until 2008, when if you were in the market for one, you may have been able to buy one for between £80k to £90k.  Now you’d be very lucky to find one under £100k.

Performing a quick search on the PistonHeads website the least expensive one was £85k (21,200 miles on the clock), and the most expensive was £115,950 (4250 miles on the clock).

If you are reading this post and you want a Ferrari with real soul, purpose and an awesome drivers car, arguably you cannot go wrong with buying the 360 Challenge Stradale.

Also, with just 852 Stradales built, of which 116 were officially imported to the UK, it is a rare car, rarer than the Scuderia.  I and the Ferrari dealers that I speak with all agree on one thing, the prices of these cars will only go up and up.  It all makes the Stradale a seriously enticing proposition.


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