The Ferrari 458 Italia.

What car summarizes the Ferrari 458 Italia?


Awesome performance – not just speed, but flexibility, too. A chassis that makes anyone feel like they can drive, plus it has a fabulous cabin. Amazing good looks, too.


The steering wheel has a lot of buttons and might be a bit contentious. Visibility at angled junctions is awful.




What Car? says: “5 out of 5 stars

With a rival from McLaren in the offing for 2011, Ferrari needed to do something special to establish technological superiority now. The 458 is a total success.”


Personally, having seen this car in the flesh several times, I am impressed.  Not so keen on all the technology, but hey this seems to be the in thing.  It is a truely exceptional car.  It sounds great and looks beautiful, what more could you want from a Ferrari?

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